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SIOS is an independent international research infrastructure building a regional observing system for long-term measurements in and around the High-Arctic archipelago Svalbard addressing Earth System Science questions. SIOS integrates the existing distributed observational infrastructure and generates added value for all partners beyond what their individual research can provide.

SIOS coordinates, develops and optimises research facilities owned by the member institutions and brings observations together into a coherent and integrated observational programme that is sustained over a long period. SIOS has a multidomain approach and focuses on processes and their interactions between the different spheres of the Arctic Earth system. A substantial capability for utilising remote sensing resources complements ground-based observations.
By bringing many types of observations together and asking questions about how these are influenced by each other SIOS generates new insights about the Svalbard region’s role in the Earth system. Thus, SIOS offers unique opportunities for research and the long-term acquisition of fundamental knowledge, e.g. about global environmental change. Within SIOS, researchers can cooperate to access instruments, acquire data and address questions that would not be practical or cost effective for a single institution or
nation alone.
SIOS entered its operational phase in 2018 and has currently 24 member institutions from 9 countries. Its central node is the SIOS Knowledge Centre located in Longyearbyen, Norway.


Heikki Lihavainen – Director
Christiane Hübner – Information Officer


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