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Glacier fronts and sea ice systems are hotspots of biodiversity. Their retreat will pose threats to Arctic coastal ecosystem function and eventually local livelihoods. The Arctic is a harbinger of the consequences of multiple global and regional environmental change on ecosystems and livelihoods:


The overarching objective of FACE-IT is to enable adaptive co-management of social-ecological fjord systems in the Arctic in the face of rapid cryosphere and biodiversity changes.




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Training and Education    

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Prof. Dr. Kai Bischof     University of Bremen  Kai Bischof 2


Task Group

 Simon Jungblut  University of Bremen    Simon Jungblut 2
Data Task Group  Robert Schlegel

 Institut de la Mer

 de Villefranche   

   Robert Schlegel 2

Policy Advice

Task Group   

 Annika E. Nilsson

 Nordland Research


   annika e nilsson 2


Task Group  

 Maiken Bjørkan

 Nordland Research


   Maiken Bjorkan 2

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