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JUSTNORTH aims to assess the viability of economic development of the Arctic through sustainability and justice perspectives, while gaining insights on the positive and negative impacts, risks and benefits of key economic activities. 

The project is premised on the notion that an economic activity cannot be sustainable if it is viewed as ethically deficient by a stakeholder group.

The research will seek to create understanding on the potential for economic development in the North that is both sustainable and just by investigating how to reduce inequalities between Arctic stakeholders. The funding will be used for 18 case studies looking at energy, fisheries, tourism, transportation, mining, shipping and indigenous economic activities.




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Corine Wood-Donnelly  Uppsala University    Corine Wood Donnelly 2
Project Contact   Roman Sidortsov  University of Sussex    Head and Shoulder 5


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 Susan Millar  Uppsala University    Head and Shoulder 5

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 Gustav Sigeman  Uppsala University        Gustave Siedeman 2


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 Tanja Joona  University of Finland       Tanja Joona 2


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 Edward Huijbens

 Wageningen University

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     Edward Huijbens 2

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