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EU-PolarNet 2 is the world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research. It brings together the expertise and knowledge of 25 partners from all 21 European and Associated Countries with substantial Polar activities. EU-PolarNet 2 – “Coordinating and co-designing the European Polar Research Area” will build on EU-PolarNet 1’s achievements. It will go several steps further to develop and work towards the implementation of a European Polar Research Area. From 2020 – 2024, EU-PolarNet 2 will provide a platform to further develop the coordination of Polar research actions in Europe and with overseas partners. 

By involving all relevant stake- and rightholders it will support the development of transdisciplinary and transnational Polar research actions of high societal relevance. To ensure that such an important platform is sustained after the four years of project duration, the project will work towards creating a                                                          permanent European Polar Coordination Office as a legacy of EU-PolarNet 2.



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Co-ordinator Nicole Biebow  

  Alfred Wegener Institute

  Helmholtz Centre for Polar

  and Marine Research

   Head and Shoulder 5
Project Manager   Anneli Strobel      Anneli Strobel 2 


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