We currently have five cross-cutting Task Groups that integrate project activity. Please see the Task Group pages for more detail, outputs, and contact points for each project. 


Communications Task Group

Lead by Elaina Ford, British Antarctic Survey ()(KEPLER, EU PolarNet 2, ARICE)

Co-leads are Susan Millar, Uopsala University (JustNorth), and Ruth Higgins, EurOcean (INTAROS)

Email the group:

The Communications Task Group is responsible for:


Stakeholder Engagement

Lead by Annette Scheepstra, RUG ()

  • Joint terminology: The terminology we agree to use across this task group: what do we mean with “stakeholders”? Find the explanation in this section of the wiki.
  • Stakeholder mapping: Maps of the stakeholders in the clustered projects, with links to deliverables and reports on the mapping.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Links to the documents related to the stakeholder engagement methodology, approach.
  • Indigenous engagement: How to engage with the indigenous communities.


Data Management Task Group

Lead by Øystein Godøy, Met Norway () and Stein Sandven, NERSC, Norway ()

 Scope of the group:

  • Promote and facilitate collaboration within the area of data management between EU Polar Cluster projects
  • Coordination of data management activities between cluster participants
  • Facilitate the adoption and implementation of data management standards that will enable free, open and timely access to data and interoperability of discovery metadata and systems as needed
  • Coordination of cluster data management activities towards the SAON/IASC Arctic Data Committee
  • Collaborating with relevant national, regional, global, discipline or cross-disciplinary data management activities to ensure that European data management activities are relevant, cost-efficient and sustainable.
  • Liaison with the European Open Science Cloud ensuring proper integration of Polar data
  • Compilation of guidelines on data management for cluster projects
  • Identification of gaps in cluster data management practises and mitigation
  • Establishing dedicated task (sub)groups as required to solve the issues above.

Education and Training Task Group 

Lead by Josefine Lenz, APECS, Germany  () and Katharina Beckmann, Lund University, Sweden ()

Scope of group:

  • Sharing experience
  • Knowledge exhange
  • Linking networks
  • Funding.

Gateways for education:

  • Virtual: online, webinars, online courses
  • In-person and on-site: schools, training, field courses, workshops
  • Materials: educational material, field guides, factsheets and videos.

Policy Advice Task Group

This is a new Task Group formed December 2020. It's primary aim will be to coordinate messages from member projects to policy makers, primarily in the European Commission. 

More information will be added in due course.

The Policy Advice Task Group lead is Nicole Biebow, AWI (EU-PolarNet and ARICE), and co-lead is Gustav Sigeman, Uppsala University (JUSTNORTH)

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