Stakeholder Engagement Task Group

Lead by Annette Scheepstra, RUG ()

  • Joint terminology: The terminology we agree to use across this task group: what do we mean with “stakeholders”? Find the explanation in this section of the wiki.
  • Stakeholder mapping: Maps of the stakeholders in the clustered projects, with links to deliverables and reports on the mapping.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Links to the documents related to the stakeholder engagement methodology, approach.
  • Indigenous engagement: How to engage with the indigenous communities.

Stakeholder Engagement Task Group project contacts


ARCSAR     Penelope Wagner, Robert Lynch
BeyondEPICA     n/a
BLUE-ACTION     Chiara Bearzotti
ECOTIP     Rikke  Becker Jacobsen
EPB     Pjotr Elshout, Renuka Badhe
EU-PolarNet 2     Annette Scheepstra, Kirsi Latola, Janet Pawlak
FACE-IT     Maiken Bjørkan
FORCeS     Matthew  Salter
INTAROS     Erik Buch
INTERACT     Niklas Labba
JUSTNORTH     Tanja Joona
KEPLER     Penelope Wagner
NUNATARYUK     Justine Ramage
SIOS     Dariusz Ignatiuk

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