Stakeholder Engagement Task Group

Lead by Annette Scheepstra, RUG ()


The stakeholder task group within the EU Polar Cluster was established in early stages of the Cluster as there was a clear need to coordinate and collaborate in stakeholder activities conducted in Polar projects. As the number of EU Polar Cluster projects rise, the need for coordination and collaboration increases with the increased demand for stakeholder engagement.

Mission of the stakeholder task group

The mission of the stakeholder task group is to coordinate and collaborate in organizing joint stakeholder events, this is particularly important when Arctic local and Indigenous communities are being reached out. By working jointly in organizing activities, projects can reduce the stakeholder fatigue and are able to better target the stakeholders and rights holders by pooling the resources available by projects. Pandemic will also influence the future events and actions, as travelling has to more efficient with clear purpose and by combining needs of several projects into same event that spreads over two days or more, is beneficial in many ways.  

Specific items to be decided and discussed in the task group: 

  • Joint terminology: The terminology we agree to use across this task group: what do we mean with “stakeholders”? Find the explanation in this section of the wiki.
  • Stakeholder mapping: Maps of the stakeholders in the clustered projects, with links to deliverables and reports on the mapping.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Links to the documents related to the stakeholder engagement methodology, approach.
  • Indigenous engagement: How to engage with the indigenous communities.

Stakeholder Engagement Task Group project contacts:



   Marta Terrado

   Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Marta Terrado's picture


   Penelope Wagner     


   Norwegian Meteorological Institute


Penelope Wagner 2 

   Robert Lynch 

   Halpin Centre for Research  and Innovation   Robert Lynch 3 

  Janet Pawlak

   AMAP    Head and Shoulder 5

   Chiara Bearzotti

   Danish Meteorological Institute    Head and Shoulder 5

   Rikke Becker Jacobsen

   Aalborg University    Rikke Becker Jacobsen 4

   Pjotr Elshout 

   European Polar Board    Head and Shoulder 5

  Renuka Badhe

   European Polar Board    Renuka Badhe 2
EU-PolarNet 2

  Annette Scheepstra 

   University of Gronigen    Annette Scheepstra 2
EU-PolarNet 2

  Kirsi Latola

   University of Oulu    Kirsi Latola 2
EU-PolarNet 2   Janet Pawlak      Head and Shoulder 5
FACE-IT   Maiken Bjørkan    Nordland Research Institute    Maiken Bjorkan 2

  Matthew Salter

   Stockholm University    Matt Salter 2

  Erik Buch

   EuroGOOS    Eric Buch 2
INTERACT   Niklas Labba      Head and Shoulder 5

  Tanja Joona

   University of Finland    Tanja Joona 2

   Penelope Wagner  

   Norweigen Meteorological Institute     Penelope Wagner 2
NUNATARYUK    Justine Ramage    Nordregio    Head and Shoulder 5

   Dariusz Ignatiuk

   SIOS    Dariusz Ignatiuk 2
SO-CHIC    Renuka Badhe    European Polar Board    Renuka Badhe 2

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