Welcome to the EU Polar Cluster – a collaboration of Arctic and Antarctic projects funded by the European Commission

The EU Polar Cluster is a network of collaborative polar projects, which are funded by the European Commission, and four permanent members: the EPB, APECS, SIOS and EuroGOOS. The cluster thus merges a broad spectrum of research and coordination activities – ranging from the most up-to-date findings on permafrost and sea ice, from enhancing observation to improving predictions, and from networking research stations to coordinating access to icebreakers.

EU-PolarNet 2 Catalyst Platform

The EU Polar Cluster is coordinated by EU-PolarNet 2, European Polar Board and the British Antarctic Survey. We encourage members of all Cluster Members to sign up to EU-PolarNet2’s Catalyst Platform – a new collaboration platform.

An important feature of the Catalyst Platform is the discussions forum, which is used by the EU Polar Cluster Action groups to coordinate their activities. Importantly, all EU Polar Cluster members should sign up to the platform and post their news, events, and relevant deliverables or outputs directly at the platform.