Blue Carbon production, export and sequestration in emerging polar ecosystems (SEA-Quester)

The objectives of SEA-Quester are to document the biodiversity, primary production and function of emerging polar and sub-polar marine ecosystems and to quantify their carbon sequestration–accounting for biomasses, fluxes and residence times of carbon. To strengthen the predictive skills of models through trait-based approaches that build on a better understanding of the interactions between functional biodiversity and carbon sequestration, and through assessing the past (paleo-oceanographic) interactions between organisms and their environment. To explore the interacting effects of climate change, anthropogenic stressors, carbon sequestration, oxygen demand and nutrient supply. To provide rigorous means of quantifying marine carbon sequestration and trade-offs between harvesting marine biomass and its net carbon sequestration that can be used to map, evaluate and compare blue carbon stocks and their potential, and to assess the impacts of conservation vs. other actions. To develop observations and monitoring of blue carbon within the framework of Essential Ocean Variables(EOVs). To support local, national and EU level policy-makers and management authorities on decisions regarding biodiversity, blue carbon, sequestration and human activities in emerging polar and sub-polar ecosystems as well as to promote ocean literacy with focus on blue carbon.



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