POLARIN’s overall aim is to provide efficient and customised research infrastructure services to address the scientific challenges of the polar regions, including fully funded “transnational access” to a wide portfolio of complementary and interdisciplinary top level research infrastructures. Building on past EU-funded projects that offered access to terrestrial research stations (INTERACT) and research icebreakers (ARICE) in the Arctic, POLARIN will further integrate and combine the access to 64 research infrastructures, including Arctic and Antarctic research stations, polar vessels (including icebreakers), observatories (on land and at sea), data infrastructures and ice and sediment core repositories.

POLARIN will integrate polar RI capacities to facilitate science for understanding and predicting key processes in polar regions in the context of climate change, to enhance the society’s problem-solving capacity and to support evidence-based policy making. The services offered by POLARIN are:

  1. Challenge driven transnational access (in person and remote) to selected polar RIs of European interest,
  2. Data access, data products and data services
  3. Virtual access to multidisciplinary polar data
  4. Training for infrastructure users

POLARIN has the following six specific objectives:

  1. Enable science for understanding and predicting key processes in polar regions.
  2. Provide efficient challenge-driven transnational access to top level RIs in the polar regions.
  3. Improve data services and provide customised data products.
  4. Provide virtual access to data and data services.
  5. Provide training for infrastructure users.
  6. Advertise RI services and engage RI users.



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Dr Nicole Biebow

Project Coordinator

Alfred Wegener Institute


Dr Veronica Willmott Puig

Project Manager

Alfred Wegener Institute