About the Cluster

Welcome to the EU Polar Cluster – a collaboration of Arctic and Antarctic projects funded by the European Commission The EU Polar Cluster is a network of Horizon 2020 and a Framework Programme 7 funded polar projects. We have a…

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Active Action Groups

Action groups are created on the Catalyst Platform (polarcatalyst.eu) – Discussions and independently coordinate their activities there. Please see the below table for all current information on the active Action Groups within the EU Polar Cluster:    Action Group Start…

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Calls and Vacancies

Open calls or position vacancies are posted at polarcatalyst.eu   Blue-Action and ECRA (European Climate Research Alliance) invite you to join every second Thursday with new speakers from 11:00-11:45 CET for Climate Coffees! Please contact Chiara Bearzotti (chb@dmi.dk) if you are interested…

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Cluster structure

  The Cluster is structured along Working groups and Action groups. Working groups are ongoing activities applicable to selected Cluster members. These are smaller groups which include people from relevant projects, and with a few people responsible – “Cluster Curators”.  …

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Contact Us

EU Polar Cluster Coordinator Anneli Strobel EU-PolarNet 2 Project Manager Pjotr Elshout Project Officer at the European Polar Board    contact@polarcluster.eu     Sign up to our mailing list for updates. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter Tweets by EUPolarCluster   Facebook EU-PolarNet

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Ended Action Groups

Action Groups that have now ended: Action Group End date Information Links Horizon Results Booster February 2023 Horizon Results Booster is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and…

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PERMAFROST – POLLUTION – HEALTH Permafrost underlies 22% of the Northern Hemisphere’s exposed land surface and is thawing at an alarming rate as a direct consequence of climate change.Permafrost thaw releases large quantities of organic matter and contaminants, including heavy…

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