Active Action Groups

Action groups are created on the Catalyst Platform ( – Discussions and independently coordinate their activities there.

Please see the below table for all current information on the active Action Groups within the EU Polar Cluster: 


Action Group Start Date End Date Activities Link Contact



2022 July 2024

Workshop “Tools for green and just transition to increase resilience in the Arctic” at the fringe of Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø 2023


 Arctic Frontiers  



EGU GA 23-28/04

IUGG General Assembly 11-20/07 






Mid 2022  

North American Caribou workshop/Arctic Ungulate conference 8-12/05 

6th European conference on Permafrost 18-22/06 

8th European phycological congress 20-26/08 

ICES annual science summit 11-14/09

Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference 14-15/11

AGU 11-15/12 


Policy dialogue

Workshop & Conference

Permafrost Conference

Phycological congress

Science Summit






June 2022 30 April 2023



ASSW 2023 ‘The Arctic in the Anthropocene’ 17-24/02





Policy briefing: Recent changes in the Antarctic and their impacts on Europe 



 January 2023  June 2023 Policy Briefing in Brussels and online on 3rd of May 2023, 14:00 – 16:00 CEST  Policy briefing Antarctic